*skin to skin / bonding mini sessions

Want those intimate, skin to skin, bonding moments with your little one? Let's set something up and beautifully document these amazing and fleeting memories <3

*Aside from breastfeeding, which can sometimes be but 5 mins for some babies, I would like to document bonding moments between mom and baby. Laying down in bed, or rocking baby to sleep after nursing, just a few minutes of skin to skin bonding that include some breastfeeding images, because as we know, breastfeeding is much more than just that.

~~ Breastfeeding can be challenging, exhausting, confusing, beautiful, exhilarating and life changing, all at once. This moment in life, whether it lasts 1 day or 4+ yrs, is the closest you will ever be to your little one, aside from pregnancy. They not only depend on you for nourishment, but also for comfort. This session is about documenting their skin on yours. The way baby looks at you when you are providing life sustaining milk. The way your little one touches your chest or pulls your hair with their tiny fingers. The way their little feet kick from happiness. That little smirk while they are still eating but can’t help but be funny. All those feelings you feel captured forever to be remembered in beautiful art.

*If you are not a breastfeeding mama, but would still like to take advantage of these bonding minis, WE ABSOLUTELY CAN still book a mini skin to skin bonding session to cuddle your little one! Maybe just laying down or taking a bath with your little one (milk bath, bubble bath, herbal tea bath)? Those can be awesome skin to skin bonding memories too!


  • Great alternative to the fresh48 session!

  • Babies 0-12 months old.

  • Available Monday through Friday only

  • 30 mins

  • 1 location (one area: bed, sofa, yard, bath, anywhere you feel comfortable skin to skin with your little one)

  • Your choice of *15 fully edited digital images from proof gallery. Additional images and products available for purchase separately.  (*When booked alongside a BIRTH STORY PACKAGE, all images are included. )

  • Mom and baby only (tandem nursing older siblings is, of course, welcomed!)

  • Sessions outside Brevard County are subject to a travel fee of $35 per hr, each way.

  • 10% discount applies for 2 or more sessions booked in the same contract.

  • VIDEO fusion add on: $100 (this add on option includes a 50% discount on digital images purchased over the 15 count included in the chosen package).