NICU moms and dads have a lot going on in their worlds without the added stress of having to find the right photographer, save up to pay and then hope that the images were amazing enough to have the headache be worth it.

I was blessed with all my babies, being healthy enough to have never stepped foot in a NICU, but I do know many parents that fight alongside their little ones minute by minute until they are finally safe. I would like to offer NICU sessions, free of charge, to as many as I can. I am available to take up to 2 sessions per month, and have already contacted other professional photographer friends in our area, who have committed to taking 1-2 a month as well. For now, we will only take these sessions in the Brevard County area, and hopefully in the future we will expand to other areas/hospitals.

This service is gifted to any parents that have a NICU baby, any age/gestation. We come in and document for as long as we can, usually about an hour. We can also include some video footage, to always have those tiny moments present. A link with all of the images along with a print release is then delivered to the parents no later than 4 weeks after each session.

To apply for a NICU session, please message me using the contact form here

Melissa Benzelnicu, hospital