Birth FAQs

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So, you're thinking about having a professional photographer document your birth? AMAZING! I guarantee you will not regret this investment. I personally cannot wait to beautifully capture these once in a lifetime moments for you to reflect on for years to come. All of the points discussed below are  always explained further at your free consultation, but please feel free to return here to go over them again. If you have a question regarding anything I have not addressed here, please leave a comment and I will answer as soon as possible.

Q: When should I book you? 
A: As early (or late) as you'd like! Literally THE moment you find out you're expecting, we can plan a fun way to surprise your loved ones with the news doing a photoshoot and having that moment they find out be captured beautifully.

If you are further along and decide last minute you want your birth documented, that's fine too! The more notice I have the more likely I am to have availability but I can always make special accommodations. 

Q: Are you the only birth photographer in our area?
A: No, there are many photographers in the area that are able to photograph births. The drawback is most likely they will not specialize in birth photography. This means their experience, qualifications, prices, equipment, and on-call policies will vary greatly, which could result in an inadequate experience. I encourage you to view my birth photography portfolio as well as those of others you are considering to find the style that best suits you.

Q: What does being "on call" mean for you?
On call means no matter when your baby arrives, I will be there!

I will be on call for your labor and delivery starting at 37 weeks gestation. Depending on when you deliver, I will be on call for up to 5 weeks. I request to all of my clients, that NO MATTER WHAT HOUR your labor begins, you contact me directly via text, messenger, call and/or all of the above so I can arrange my day sessions, my children's schedule as well as other daily duties to assure that I will be available to meet you at your specified place of birth

There are only two reasons I will need to have my pre-selected and verified back up photographer document your birth is when I'm either working a wedding or I happen to be anywhere over 40 miles away. For those two occasions I will make arrangements with a fellow professional photographer, who has a photography style similar to mine, to stand in as my back up - to guarantee your birth will be documented should I not be able to reach you before your birth. I will take care of all arrangements in finding a stand-in photographer as well as payment to the photographer ensuring that your delivery day goes seamlessly. All images from your birth will be edited and delivered by me  in order for the work to remain consistent with my photographic style.

Regardless if you go into labor or not while I am unavailable (wedding or out of our area), I do pay my backup photographers for their time. I require the same "on call" guidelines from my back up photographers that I have outlined above. I have a handful of selected photographers that are prepared to work under my name as they are consistent with Benzel Photography's style and business practices. To read more on what being on call means here: "on call" fb post.

Q: What happens if you still miss our birth?

A: If there are extenuating circumstances beyond my control that would possibly prevent me from attending your birth (i.e. your baby is born in record time and I simply didn't make it on time,  a medical emergency with you or your baby requiring immediate intervention, etc.)

If an unforeseen situation arrises, my contract outlines that I will document things as they unfold, perhaps even offering 1-2 sessions, depending on the circumstances of the missed birth. 

Q: Why should I choose Benzel Photography for my birth documentation? 

A: Because I am awesome! lol... I am a mom of 4 who loves nothing more than to immortalize the exact moment YOU feel the same love I feel as a parent. That very moment you see your baby, hear your baby and your child is placed in your arms. THAT moment you are part of this exclusive mommy and daddy club, which I call my most valuable and cherished gift and blessing. You think you know what love is now? You just WAIT until you meet your baby. True meaning of unconditional love will be bestowed upon you instantaneously. 

Do you have any other questions? Please drop me a line either in the comments below or send me a private message using the contact button or my fb page. I cannot wait to work with you and meet your new little blessing soon!!